Sep 7, 2012

Preview for Hugh Dennis on ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’

Last January I spent three days filming with Hugh Dennis for Wall to Wall’s ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ series. I see that the BBC have just added a preview on their website with Hugh explaining his interest in his family’s Great War service.

The episode is to be shown at 9pm on BBC One on Wednesday 12 September. N.B. A full write up of Godfrey Hinnels and his Great War service can now be read here:

Hugh Dennis on 'Who Do You Think You Are?'


4 Responses to “Preview for Hugh Dennis on ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’”

  1. Please could you pass this onto Hugh Dennis, or provide a contact address for him? He was doing research -which included the small area of South Yorkshire, where my great Grandfather also came from: Wales? I d never even heard of `Wales`..and had a great trouble finding the link with my imagine my surprise when I heard it mentioned by Hugh..Would like to ask him if he found any research which could help me?

  2. Robin Winter says:

    I have treid the same internet and research sources as were sen for Hugh Dennis and Alex Kingston. Drawn a blank on both accounts. In fact the Royal Enginers were most un-helpful

    Perhaps the charm of the celebrities say’s something….all so simple. Believe me it is not

    I fel sure that my Grandfather was at Passcendale clearing up after that terrible slaughter Hugh Dennis’s Grandfathet was invilved in,but I cannot get anyone to prove it for me

    Such as lifel

  3. Karen Kreft says:

    Have loved watching the whole 9 series but have always wondered how many celebrity stories they have to trawl through before finding any that are remotely interesting. Like Robin, in the previous blog I have always suspected that the celebrity ‘opens genealogy doors’ which ordinary folk like us have slammed in their faces. I am green with envy when First World War records are always discovered when my grandfathers and my great uncle’s cannot be found.
    I’ll keep watching, but with a pinch of salt.

  4. Janet Harris says:

    Saw the episode re High Dennis. My grandfather, William Richard Dyer was in it the 2nd Devonshires And fought at Arras in the Battle of Bois de Buttes. He told me once that he was one of only a handful of men who survived and was taken prisoner. I have old newspaper articles he gave me showing soldiers receiving the Croix de Guare ? Not sure I’ve spelt that correctly.

    Would you have any info on then Battle of Bois de Buttes please?

    Many thanks

    Janet Harris (nee Dyer)

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