Nov 4, 2010

The First World War From Above – BBC One, 9pm, 07/11/10

A few lines to discuss the upcoming “The First World War From Above” to be broadcast on BBC One at 9pm on Sunday 7th November. I have seen some of the footage they are using – it was shot by the French from an airship which followed the destruction along the length of the western front – and it is absolutely spectacular. The programme promises to be fascinating. I know that both Peter Barton and Nigel Steel feature. I did a bit of research for them for the programme as well as getting maps/plans etc. of the tunnelling and underground systems at La Boisselle. I really am glad after the reduction in budgets over the years to see the BBC putting a big effort into First World War documentaries. BBC link can be found by clicking HERE and a blog on the making of the programme from Mark Radice, the Producer/Director is HERE.

Tonight’s 6 o’clock news contained this news piece with over two minutes of footage from Sunday’s programme: CLICK HERE FOR BBC NEWS PIECE


2 Responses to “The First World War From Above – BBC One, 9pm, 07/11/10”

  1. Mark says:

    Set to record already

  2. Mark Vent says:

    It was amazing, I recorded it on my generic satellite hard disk recorder 😉 … simply stunning – although a bit more of the air-borne film would have been appreciated … but as Jeremy says, nice to see a bit more money and “air time” being given to WW1 programs.

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