Mar 30, 2010

Free design work – in praise of OMB Direct

Just had to write a few lines to praise to the heavens the Bristol-based design team, OMB Direct. I was put in touch with them by my wife who had done some work with them before and approached them with regard to doing the design work for a (2x1m) information panel that we are getting done for the Tunnellers Memorial I thought they may offer us a good rate but was bowled over when, on hearing about the project, they offered their services completely for free!

So far they have sent us revised editions as we provide more pictures and text – throughout they have been brilliantly helpful and I think the finished article is superb. It will explain the story of William Hackett and Thomas Collins and a little about the Tunnelling Companies along with great pictures and a fantastic line drawing of the incident in which the two men lost their lives.

So, a big thanks to Chris and Sharon for their design skill and help plus their wonderful generosity and sheer good nature.  I would recommend them to anyone.

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